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Thread: PC Games and software FS

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    PC Games and software FS

    I've got several games sitting in a box that are sure to bring back some memories plus a few modern new games.

    All games are subject to shipping costs depending on weight and destination..I prefer to keep to North America but if you pay the shipping I'll ship over seas.

    Accept/prefer Paypal with 1$ add on fee for individual game purchases but if you purchase all the games together I'll wave the shipping costs and paypal fee!!

    Also accept money order from a bank/post office or location that has a valid phone #(subject to verification) and will accept cashiers checks from valid banks with phone # (subject to verification).

    Total for all games together 65$ NO shipping costs or paypal fee added!!!!

    I've also got FrontPage 2000 for sale since I never really used it but its great for web design!

    These great games and prices are being put up on other forums as well so grab quick... Purchaser of all games at once will be sold to over single game purchases within a 24hour period. Once a single game is purchased I will modify the thread to either adjust prices or include other games I may find to keep total games purchase discount.

    PM me for questions and please do not post unwanted comments in this simple..not buying or asking a question don't post.

    Here is a list of games and prices:

    Battlefield 2142 DVD 20$ + shipping
    Battlefield Vietnam CD's 10$ + shipping
    Battlefield 1942 CD's 8$ + shipping
    Battlefield 1942's expansion pack Secret weapons: 8$ + shipping
    RainBow Six Rogue Spear 5$ + shipping
    RainBow Six Vanilla (1st one) 5$ + shipping
    Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed 5$ + shipping
    Mechwarrior 2 Titanium Edition 5$ + shipping
    Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance 5$ + shipping
    Viper Racing 2$ + shipping

    Deer Hunter 1 (Original) FREE with Purchase of all games at once!!!

    Frontpage selling for 25$ +shipping costs *not included with all games purchase*

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