Hi All,

Basically what i have got is a network which connects to a router (LINKSYS WRT300N), which connects to the internet. This part is all working.

Th router also has an in-built Access Point which my laptop connects to successfully.

Now i have a seperate small LAN that i have connected a wireless bridge (LINKSYS WET200) to. I have setup the bridge which finds the router on a site survey and says its connected to the router.

The problem is that on my router it shows up the bridge in the clients list option but it does not have an IP. The router is setup as a DHCP server, so i dont understand why it has not allocated an IP to it.

I have setup the bridge so that it uses a static IP as i want to keep this constant so i can easily access the web interface when required. I have reserved this IP on my router so that it is not assigned to another device.

Any ideas what might be wrong here?

Thanks in advance...