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Thread: need more ports!!!!

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    need more ports!!!!

    Ok, I have a wireless router(wpn824) that I have hard wired to 4 different computer in the home, plus use my laptop wireless. I need and want to add a few more hard wired connections in different rooms. Can I just get a 8 port hub and add it to my network? If so how would it go-modem/router/hub? or modem/hub/router? thanks in advance for the help!!

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    Uplink a switch to one of you routers LAN ports...hubs are sort of extinct now..switches have taken their place..same functionality, but better performance.
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    There are some significant differences between switches and hubs. While I grant you most home users could probably get away with using them interchangeably, a larger network would be more restrictive in how, when, where and why switches & hubs would be distributed.

    Without going into great detail here are some distinctions:

    Hubs: Hubs are basically traffic repeaters. If you have 4 computers connected to a hub each of the computers on that hub will receive all the traffic and then decipher packet info to decide which traffic belongs to which computer. When two PC's attempt to simultaneously send data a collision occurs. These collisions, combined with the fact that all the connections on the hub are operating at half-duplex can create severe congestion.

    Switches: A switch provides some traffic flow control. A switch considers the machines connected to each port and then through packet monitoring forwards traffic to the appropriate port. Your switch can take advantage of full-duplex mode allowing it to send and receive at the same time. This, combined with the fact that they are not sharing bandwidth like a hub, allows for higher bandwidth and faster networks. More advanced switches can also offer additional capabilities.

    In a small home network it probably won't matter a great deal whether you use a switch or hub. In a larger segmented network you would certainly introduce switches into the network, but you could also use well placed hubs in conjunction with your switches.

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