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Thread: Not booting up

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    Question Not booting up

    My wife pc will not boot up today.
    She has a 750 duron chip on a AZ11 mother board.
    Two harddrives
    You can hear a few rattling noise but no beep noise.
    Any suggestion?
    Her Video and monitor checked out ok on my pc.
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    rattling isnt good. try the hard drives out on your comp, then (if it supports it) the processor. if all check out, try the power supply. if it won't work w/ the power supply, then you need a new one. if EVERYTHING works fine on yours, but not on hers, you need a new motherboard.

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    Hey Buggy, I overclocked my crystal ball and fried it... How about some additional info? Where does it die? If in bios then yank everything out of the system with the exception of the video card and memory which you need to to reseat. Then turn it on and see if it will get any further. If it does then start putting it back together one piece at a time till you find the bad part or it work again. If it doesn't post then yank memory and see if you get a beep code(most system will give you a 1-3-3-1 error with no mem installed). If you get a memory beep code then yank the video card and see if you get a missing video card code. If you get something that is different then the boards normal code replace the board. Make sure that all IDE and floppy cables are removed as well. If you have a slot cpu then reseat it as well.


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