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Thread: Im new with a n00b question

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    Im new with a n00b question

    Ok i was just wondering if it is possible to have 2 routers on the same networking system? Like one downstairs and one upstairs in a bedroom from a different manufacture than the one downstaris.

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    Yea it is possible.
    If this is what your saying then:

    Primary Router >>>>>>>>> Laptop
    | >>>>>>>>> Computer
    | (via wireless)
    Secondary Router >>>>>>>>>>>>> xbox
    >>>>>>>>>>>>> laptop 2

    But i believe one has to be WDS enabled. Im currently trying to do the same thing, but routers like that cost abit more....the main known one is the Linksys WRT54G which can do that. For a list of routers that have that capability, just search WDS routers and youll find a wikipedia article or something.

    its called wireless bridging, it is abit confusing, but you will find a ton of articles on the topic. Thats if your only using one isp though, and youd like to use your secondary router as an acess point.

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