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Thread: Suggestions for a new router

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    Suggestions for a new router

    Have a netgear wrg614.
    our cable internet is over 10mbps. However a person in the house constantly downloads and it seems it is almost impossible sometimes to use the internet, even if he is only downloading say 200kbps.

    we have 4 computers hooked up via wireless, and a ps3.

    Would a newer router be able to handle this better?
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    Newer generation routers do have more horsepower, fasters CPUs and more RAM to deal with more concurrent connections than prior generation routers.

    Some also have QoS prioritize certain types of traffic so other types don't bog them down as much.

    DLinks DIR-655, and DGL-4500, are todays two top performing home grade routers.

    Or...built yourself a linux based router distro that will handle anything you can throw at it.
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