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Thread: I cant connect to my router ""

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    I cant connect to my router ""

    When im trying to connect my router in internet explorer it cant connect to it.. it just goes to google search..

    Sometime it did work but no more...

    My router is D-link Dl-604

    and here's some information what im trying to do

    If somebody knows please tell me!

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    in your internet options of your explorer, ensure that you are not browsing via a proxy server if you are directly connected to the router. are you able to ping the router ? The other issue with dsl routers is that they have got options to enable access control, i have never worked with the dlink in particular.But some makes of routers that i know have these allow a certain ip addresses to log into the router for security reasons. so if you cant log in, this could be one of the reasons

    hope it will help you


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    Ensure that you're using the correct IP address of the router. Go to Start/run type cmd and enter. Then type ipconfig /all and note gateway address. That will be the IP address of the router.
    Then ensure your Cat 5 cable is connected to one of the 4 ports (not the WAN port) of the router and try using that IP address.
    It should work.

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    not to crash your thread - but i also have a d link 604
    i have also tried getting into the router by the above and cant sign in -
    it insists i need a password , even after a reset - i have one last resort - to call dlink , but can hardly understand the person im talking to -

    also it says the default gateway is
    but when i go to start /run type in cmd .... then type ipconfig my default number is totally different -
    is this why i cant sign in on the router?
    any help would be great thus my sons pc could finally get hooked up -

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    TNATireFryer even after a reset most routers have a default password. Usually something like admin or administrator. The manual would tell you what it is. If your PC is set to automatically acquire an IP address and you are connected to one of the routers LAN ports the default gateway IP listed by ipconfig should be the IP address or the router. That is assuming the routers DHCP function is turned on.

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