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    Cisco ASA

    First off the disclosure. I am Cisco certified, and do a fair amount of work with Cisco gear, and will admit to a slight bias to the brand.

    I just got an ASA 5505 to replace my PIX 501 in my home network. I must say I have tried to avoid moving to the ASA line for some time, but am now a convert. This thing is pretty amazing. First off this is designed for a small office setup, and priced to match (around $500 with 1yr Smartnet).

    Hardware is an eight port (2 with POE) firewall device with a slot for future expansion and the expected console port. What I really like is you can configure those in anyway you like. Used to be you had to pay big bucks for a enterprise level device, and extra interface card for this. Not anymore, you can assign ports in up to three VLANs and have as many (and whichever ports) to them. So this lowly entry level device now supports a proper DMZ, or multi WAN setup.

    VPN is also included, site to site and remote access via the Cisco VPN client. I have played with a number of different versions of VPN software (including the Linksys Quick VPN and RV0 series) and I never liked any of them more than the Cisco solution. First off support, Cisco has a version for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Secondly is performance, I have found the Cisco client to give better performance on all types of links (I regularly connect to my home network from the road on my WWAN). You also get true support for DNS on the internal network by specifying an internal DNS server and WINS server to use. This means users can map drives using a normal UNC rather than IP (or in other words the same scripts to map drives used in the office now work over VPN).

    Setup is easy too. The out of the box configuration would work and be secure. Management can be handled by the ASDM which can be run as a Java applet or installed locally on a management station. Through this configuration is (somewhat more complicated than say the Linksys RV082) feasible without an advanced knowledge of Cisco IOS, and some common tasks even have very good wizards.

    I think I might be looking at these rather than the other offerings on the market from now on. Anyone else have any experience (good or bad) with these?

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    Any updates?

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    Hi Erik

    I have deployed easily over 100 of these ASA 5505's and i own a 5510 and 2 5520's wich i have in my racks at a colocation facility. These ASA's are by far superior to the previous PIX models. They are an excellent and inexpensive solution for small businesses. I have yet to have one these babies go bad on me. I refuse to use or recommend any other devices to my clients. They have simply made my life easier by eliminating about 90 % of the support and connectivity issues with my clients.

    Let me know if you need help with anything on these.

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