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Thread: how to boot from a network boot disk

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    Question how to boot from a network boot disk

    hello ,

    I want to know how to install windows XP over a network. I have created a file server on a windows server 2003 machine and placed the contents of i386 directory on the sharing point.

    Now I want to know how can i boot the computer where i want to install XP over the network. what sort of network boot disk is required and wat are the steps to boot.

    Kindly reply.


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    There are a variety of ways to install an OS over a network. Simply copying the CD to a shared folder isn't really one of them.

    I would recommend you look into RIS (Remote Installation Services) or the replacement for it in Server 2003 R2 is Windows Deployment Service. You need to have a PC capable of PXE booting, and have an automated answer file setup and linked to the image of the OS to install. It isn't that hard to get working for a basic install.

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