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Thread: HP CDRW Owners PLZ READ!!!(Or any for that matter)

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    Unhappy HP CDRW Owners PLZ READ!!!(Or any for that matter)

    Ok my upgrade was a success, the only pro is my new mobo wont let dos run my HP 8100 CDRW drive cuz the drivers before would only work on a intel chipset(I think) After 8 hours of hard work I've got it running at a whole 1x, and no burning . If anyone has a HP 8100 CDRW Drive, and the drivers can u plz mail them to I've been to the hp support, gotten all that stuff at their website and none of it works so i'm hoping that someone out there has the 8100 drivers I need. Any help is greatly Appreciated. Thx for reading

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    windows should install it's own drivers....just normal cdrom apsi32 drivers from tho..

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    To use a CD-Rom in DOS, you need DOS drivers. You can either get specific DOS drivers for your unit, or use generic drivers, such as the ones found on a Win9x boot disk.

    As for Windows, drivers will be installed for you, but before you can use your burner, you will need to install CD burning software.

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