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Thread: Top 10 vaporware awards...

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    Top 10 vaporware awards...

    It's time again to inhale the fumes of failure. Every December, Wired News asks its readers to nominate their choices for our annual Vaporware awards. We hand out accolades (and raspberries) to the most-prized products that were promised but never delivered. Reader votes have helped whittle the list down to the top 10 honorees for the 2007 Podium of Shame. So, with a quick nod to this year's honorable mention -- Iran's nuclear weapons program -- let's savor the vapor, starting with the bottom of the short list.
    Every normal man must be tempted at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.
    I often wonder if the voices in my head ever get frustrated because I'm just too damn lazy to climb that clock tower.
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    A teaser for DNF, now that's interesting. I want that game to come out just because I loved it so much back in the day.

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