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Thread: 2 works 1 not! (Home Networking)

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    2 works 1 not! (Home Networking)


    I have connected 3 computers to switch and switch is connected to modem (Earthlink ZyXEL 600 series). 1 desktop and 1 laptop works fine but 2nd desktop gets connected but no internet connection establishes. Internet explorer fails to load any page.

    Ip configurations are very much correct. I reinstalled the whole windows xp sp2. No firewall is installed(peace please).

    Ip address (3 and 4 are assigned to working pcs).
    subnet mask
    Default gateway (also configured but no success).

    DNS Servers : :
    DHCP not enabled.

    Please help me on this issue.

    Why one pc would not work and other 2 would.

    I will appreciate any response on this.

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    the switch you mentioned. is that a router?

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    You must use router in this case, so ensure the "switch" you mentioned whether is a router. If it's a switch, then it's not so possible to let all 3 computers to access Internet at the same time as there is no Port Address Translation (PAT) available.

    If it's a router, then your default gateway should be the router's LAN IP, not the WAN/Internet IP. On that 2nd desktop, ensure that you can ping the router and other 2 computers as well. Then use snslookup in command prompt to try resolving the domain name, this will test whether the DNS server is working.

    If you like to test other DNS servers, can try these DNS from

    Hope helps..

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    morbidpete : No router, it is switch (Repotec 8-p 1708k).

    picohat : Matter that consufes me is why one specific pc does not work. I connected only 2nd desktop to switch and it still fails to establish internet connection. I will go for router but still interested to resolve this issue since i have a same setup installed somewhere else and it works fine through switch. All 3. I have an ADSL connection and when i connects it directly to 2nd desktop through Zyxel modem it works fine but through switch it doesnt. How switch identifies desktop's of their own choice to run?

    Thanks for replying.


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    Problem solved. It was network card. Conflict between both desktops since they have same platform and 'netwrok card'. No clue why? I installed an external network card and it started working. No ip issue.

    Thanks for the response.


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