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Thread: another shut down prob different machine

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    Post another shut down prob different machine

    on another win 98 machine i have a different shut down issue. when the machine is shut down it stalls at the splash screen. after that i have to shut it off to restart and go throught the scan disk process. again i've seen this prob on other boards but i'm still unable to locate an answer. is there any help on this topic?
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    this used to happen to me if i had a memory resident program that needed more time to shut down, or didn't shut down properly alongside the windows shutdown process.

    this is a tedious process, but it may work for you: try eliminating on app at a time from your task menu before you shut down, and you might discover an application that's causing the problem. once your system shuts down properly, test it again and see if that app is cauding the problem. the only two things you need to have running are systray and explorer (i think...win98 memory is foggy )

    (possibilities: virus scanning progs, norton/mcafee utils, and other memory resident apps)

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    This is actually a bug in Windows 98. If u do a Windows Update your prob will be fixed. Cant tell you what update to use but it probably isnt a bad idea to update everyone you can if you have the bandwidth to download.
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    battleship is right. go to the site and get all the updates you can get your hands on. install all that apply, and then see...

    i should've asked you that before. thks to battleship for the good advice.

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    If it stalls at the splash screen during shutdown, wait 2minutes before shutting machine off. This should eliminate scandisk on startup.

    You could also go to run msconfig. Goto advanced and Disable fast shutdown. This should give the apps time to shutdown.


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