Newbie to wireless question,

My apartmentbuilding resently changed from wireless with WEP key to
these guys: 'SMART ZONE - Internet for Apartment Mansion Dormitory
Դ Թ ;ѡ ;鹵 ͹ ҹ
ҹ' ( so no more encryption &
security by WEP, basically nothing now i think!

If i open my browser now (any browser, any url) i see a webpage asking
also it says: You are currently connected to SmartZone™ network
at V Place (V.Place apartments)

Since i do online payments i really would like to know how safe this
new situation is thinking of man in the middle attacks and so!

I use winXP with zonealarm firewall, netstumbler and airsnare
Netstumbler shows 4 accesspoints and 2 belong to Vplace i guess because
they have ssid with Vplace (green & yellow/grey color and no lock)

If i turn on Airsnare i see many unfriendly MAC addresses but thats
also because (i think) i didn't mark other people beside myself as
or "friendly" Some of the unfriendly ones have the name "router" other
ones just an IP
On the right/below i see things like: Possible mac spoofing detected,
entry does not match known OUI's for some of the unfriendly addresses.

What i really would like to know is about this (new) wireless internet solution, if it is possible to
fake/spoof the access to this accesspoint using comes without security/encryption (no lock in
statusbar) Netstumbler also doesn't show a lock...just green color for
accesspoint "Vplace"!
Can that be unsafe for me / for them ( / or both?

Does this mean data send from me to accesspoint is always plaintext?
(hotmail login etc...)
Can unfriendly mac's find out my password for hotmail, yahoo..etc...?

Anything (simple) i can do to be more secure as a newbie?
(cannot configure the accesspoint since it isn't mine)

Thanks for all help in advance...

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