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Thread: internet problem

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    internet problem

    I am using charter cable

    my cable went offline for like 10 min this monday, after it came back up, I got the problem I never had b4. I can still open up some web page, but I can't open up my gmail web page, everytime after I enter my login info it end up with " the page can not be displayed" , and another example I can open up front page, but when I click on search at top "the page can not be displayed" , I can view forum but I can't post after I enter all the messenges click on post "the page can not be displayed"

    I can't login into msn messenger or google talk either, but I can use ventrilo or windows messenger just fine

    game side , I can play diablo 2 still .. . I can log into my wow account but after loading screen everything shows unknow and dc me right after few sec.

    here is the thing I did for trying find out the problem
    I have one desktop 2 laptop in my house, after the problem came up on my desktop I find out I can do everything fine on one of my laptop( open up gmail log into msn messenger , but I have two windows xp installed on that laptop for some reason , when I switch to the other windows xp ( which mostly like a fresh install ) the problem is same as my desktop. so I was thinking it might be the winxp problem I format my hard drive and did a fresh install on my desktop but still same problem : /
    the 3nd laptop got same problem as well.

    I did connect my desktop to cable modem directly restart cable modem , tried use a usb network card, still can't find out the problem..

    I called charter the guy just trying tell me upgrade my account to 10m plan the whole time, and he said i can try it for 30days free , so I take the offer at the end, the guy told me my acccount will be automaticly upgrade to 10m after 1 hr or 2 but after all of that the problem still there and I don't feel my cable speed up or anything at all

    thx for reading all my crap I am extremely frustrating atm
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