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    I have overclocked my cpu (celeron 500 slot 370) to 563mhz thru the bios, it runs fine. All the components runs fine but when I reboot the bois returns to the old settings. It does not keep the user defined settings. I use the Abit bm6 m/b, 128mb ram.
    Is the multiplier locked, and if it is how can I unlock it?

    Can anyone tell me what to do to solve this problem

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    The multiplier is locked on these the only way to o/c is to increase your fsb frequency. I've heard some things about covering pin B21 to unlock the multiplier but it didn't work on my old cely. Try upping your fsb to 75 if you can, be careful with 83 if that is an option as i fried my hdd as the pci bus was running too high! Good luck..

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    K, I use the be6, but I think the Bioses for these boards are almost identical. In the CMOS settings, Go to CPU SOFT MENU, set CPU ERROR HOLD to disable. that should get you up and working.
    good luck

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