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Thread: IPcop question

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    IPcop question

    if i install the hard drive that ipcop is installed on in another PC will it still work? I know i will need to setup the NIC's again but will all the other setting be saved?

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    To be honest haven't work with that tool looked it up seems intreasting though not sure if have ,or haven't been to this site for some info/support

    I hate to refeer people to other sites at the same time though hopefully someone else might come here and give the answer for ya either way though i guess.
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    Similar to depends on the chipset, I have upgraded the hardware that I was running IPCop was still an Intel based chipset, with an onboard Intel Pro NIC..and I still used a 3COM 905 PCI NIC as the green NIC. Transferring the hard drive...IPCop never had a hiccup.
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    there's an option somewhere to save your config and settings to a floppy. possibly memstick

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