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Thread: I hate United Healthcare

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    I hate United Healthcare

    They keep denying all my sons medical bills because they claim he has "other insurance", and they want their statement of benefits to determine how much they have to pay. But he's never had other insurance, and was just born in July.

    So everytime he goes to the doctor, I have to wait until the claim shows up online, then I have to call in to United and argue with them to get them to pay.

    I've literally called in a dozen times trying to get this fixed, they won't transfer me to a supervisor. Finally I complained to HR and they gave me the number of our companies UHC rep. She supposedly fixed it, but she didn't do anything different that what the CSR's already did 12 times. So I know it's not fixed.

    Same thing with my daughter's medical bills too.

    Makes us look bad to the Dr.'s offices because it takes them so long to get paid.
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    To solve these sort of customer service issues I usually start by searching the web for info/names on their executives which led me to this:

    Next, google each of their names until you can find a telephone number for their office and call them directly, explaining the situation. You will not get the executive (usually), but you'll get their aid who will usually be prompt in helping you. Work your way down the list of VPs, then try the President if you have no luck.

    Try this guy:
    Mr. William A. Munsell
    Executive Vice President

    Good luck.,

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