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Thread: How do I take advantage of gigabit ethernet?

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    How do I take advantage of gigabit ethernet?

    I just upgraded my Synology NAS server to a gigabit capable one as well as my laptop to a gigabit one. However, they are currently both using default settings and are not getting anywhere near the gigabit speeds I was hoping to get. With my original 100Mb line, I was easily getting 10 to 12MB/sec, but with my gigabit line, it's still only 10 to 12MB/sec. What settings should I look at from both sides that will allow me to take advantage of the gigabit bandwidth?

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    What's in between? Switch...jumbo frames supported by all gear?
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    Oh yah, forgot to mention. I have a single router with built in gigabit switch that connects directly to server and directly to my PC. I see some stuff about switching on jumbo grams in the server, but I'm not sure how that will impact performance with my other computers, which are on wireless. Is there a way to set jumbo grams between the server and one PC and standard packet sizes from the server to my wifi units? Is that part of what I may need to do?

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    I highly doubt you were getting 10-12MBps on a 100Mbps network. That is just about the theoretical maximum speed, and in practice 75-80% is a more realistic expectation. In other words you might have seen about 8MBps in transfers.

    Also keep in mind that you are also limited by how fast your end devices can read/write the data. You can only put data onto the network as fast as it can be read from the hard drive, and take it off as fast as the destination drive can write it. So to begin very basically, does each device recognize it is connected as 1.0Gbps?

    I would say you are more likely reaching a limit of how fast the NAS and laptop can work, not the network. Jumbo Frames shouldn't make that much of a difference to only get 10% of the possible transfer speed.

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    On my old 100Mb line, my FileZilla transfers of large files in the 10GB+ range to my NAS server achieved 10MB/sec within about ten seconds of initiating transfer. They stabilize there and on occasion hit spikes of 12MB/sec. Because of my large transfers, I decided to upgrade to a gigabit NAS as well as gigabit laptop and router.


    Thinkpad T61 w/ gigabit ethernet
    Synology DS-107e w/ gigabit
    Netgear WNR854T Gigabit Edition Router w/ Wifi-N


    10/100 network printer attached
    3 Wifi-N clients

    So now with my 10GB+ file transfers, I'm achieving 12MB/sec and then it stabilizes there ... doesn't go much faster. I was expecting quite a bit more. With gigabit ethernet, shouldn't I be achieving 75% to 80% of the theoretical max, which would be around 100MB/sec to 120MB/sec? And yes, both my NAS and laptop are recognizing their connections as gigabit.

    And to address the bottleneck of the chain, the NAS supports the bare SATA I standard of 150MB/sec... not sure about 300MB/sec. though.


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