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Thread: Still can't get my Hard Drive to work. look inside

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    Angry Still can't get my Hard Drive to work. look inside

    Well, as I said b4 I have a 2 ig hd and a 10 gig, both my Hard drives were nfst format because I was using Win2000. I got rid of Win2000 by formatting the 2 gig hard drive, but when i reinstalled win98 it won't read my other Hard drive which is still partitioned for Win2000. I hecked my BIOS and the HDD found both my Hard drives. I tried Fdisk, reinstalling the HD and a few other things. The manufacturer is Western digital. Please help me get my HD back online. thx

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    Years ago when 540 meg drives were boss. I ran into a problem with Maxtor & Conner drives not working well together. Each one would only work if it was master & neither on would work as a slave.

    My free advice is...

    Put each drive on a seperate IDE port & jumper each drive as a master. Add your CD jumpered as a slave to the 2nd or 1st IDE port, it won't matter which one you choose.

    You could check the vendors home page for info relating to this problem. I don't think you'll find any but looking is free. If you still have a problem sell the 2 gig or you could shelf it for a back up drive some day.

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    If in correct, are you trying to fdisk the ntfs drive with a version of fdsik that came with win98 if so there's your prob, and you will have to boot into 2k, if you have cd booting in your bios, then fdisk the nasty drive back to FAT32, hope that helps out

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    the fdisk with win98 recognizes ntfs drives so that isnt the problem. i would try what far-n-wide suggested. i would also get the diagnostic software from western digital and try to use it to fdisk the drive or 0 disk it.

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    bull crap!

    boganslaw is right!

    win98, under no circumstances, can read/configure NTFS drives without the aid of a 3rd party program. you will have to do 1 of two things:

    completely format (low level or just plain full format) your unreadable drive into FAT32, or if there is data on that drive that you need, then you must boot to w2k by either reinstalling it on your other drive or booting from cd-rom with your w2k disk and saving all the important files to your other hdd.


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    there is one more thing i forgot...

    if you installed w2k and formatted the drive using it's utility in the setup program, then it it most likely a new variation of NTFS in the form of a DYNAMIC DISK. this is sometimes troublesome to read after a reinstall of your OS, especially if it's a different, lower edition.

    for more info, check article number Q246119 in the microsoft database.


    (in my humble opinion, your drives are fine and dandy, it's just a file system conflict)


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