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Thread: Upgrading Video Card

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    Post Upgrading Video Card

    Ok, I currently got a Dell P2 450. I have a STB nvida 8MB 128 Velocity Card. I wanna put in a GeForce 32MB (or 64MB, depending on how much $$$ I got) or a Voodoo 5. Now, these cards say 4X AGP Slot. I got a AGP slot, but I don't think it's 4X. Can I still put in these cards?

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    yes you can. i did so myself. the only stipulation is that it will downgrade to whatever the AGP bus on your mobo will handle.

    most likely, you have a AGP2x mobo, so that is what the card will configure to.

    however, you might be losing performance and not getting your money's worth by doing so.


    anand has great info re: AGP cards etc.


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