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Thread: Why I hate Avast Antivirus

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    Why I hate Avast Antivirus

    I used the Windows ultimate boot CD to attempt to remove viruses from a friend's has Avast Antivirus on it.

    Problem Series 1:
    The problem I ran into was that Avast has essentially 3 options: Ignore, Quarantine or Delete but it does NOT have clean. The computer had the virus W32/ViruT.gen all over the place on the machine's .exe files. This virus appends itself to .exe files, it doesn't replace the original .exe file. I don't want to ignore, I don't want to delete files like iexplore.exe and I don't want to quarantine (first off, i don't know where the file will be saved when I'm working on this boot CD,if it saves the file does it also tell you where the file came from and lastly you still need to clean the file with another program).

    What ended up working in the end was a common Antivirus that people like to slam - Norton Antivirus 2003! I booted into Safe Mode and was able to update virus definitions and perform a scan. It CLEANED over 700 instances of viruses.

    Problem Series 2:
    When a virus is found in Avast it asks you a question to the extent of "do you want to ignore/delete/quarantine every time you see this virus". Eventually I had to ignore the W32/ViruT.gen virus but instead that command also started applying ignore to all sorts of trojans and other viruses it was finding.

    Okay, so maybe I misread the option and it literally means apply the ignore/delete/quarantine rule to ALL viruses even if they are different types....that's stupid. It should be by type of virus do the same thing and re-prompt if you get a new virus type.

    Why on a virus ridden computer did I have such good luck with Norton Antivirus 2003 in Safe Mode vs. a Avast which was run in a bootable environment and should have had an easy time clobbering viruses. Avast sucks, that's why?

    Problem Series 3:
    After you have tried NOD32 the scanning speed of anything seems painful. This machine had about 20 Gb of data and it took well over an hour to scan it.

    Problem Series 4:
    It's worth mentioning for a second time that the Avast scan I was doing did not have a clean option, something Norton Antivirus did automatically when it could.
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