Hi, Apologies that I will not have all the right terms. I have worked through my limited knowledge; and pestered the help desks of ATT & my company; to no avail.

I have a new ATT DSL w/2Wire Router. I have 2 PCs and a Mac. The Mac and the one PC is flawless. The other (my work machine) is very unhappy. The problem is that whenever I am connected to the network (Ethernet or wireless), there are long (5sec - 3 minute) delays on my web requests. Also my outlook email is insanely hanging. In fact, my entire computer pretty much hangs up whenever there is a network request of any kind, as far as I can tell. This happens if I am running over the Checkpoint VPN to my company, or not. When I look at task manager, the memory and CPU are not high while this is happening.

I do have a Cyberarmor firewall, & have the gateway address set in my 'friends' list of the firewall, and I don't see a ton of blocked requests while this hanging is going on (the only thing consistently blocked are some UDP requests that are going to Google's servers -- which I think is their phishing lists or something).

Disabling the cyberarmor firewall is not an option, due to corporate policy. (I also have a SW firewall on the other XP box, and that is working OK.) I have normal DHCP set up (DNS from DHCP etc); I have cleared the cache and all cookies; have run root kit detectors; virus scans and have checked traffic overnight from the gateway (and the other machines offline)to see if there is a trojan or worm or something using my connection...but it seems not the case. I recognize and have googled all the running tasks. ATT says all their tests from the gateway out are working, so the problem is between my XP book and the router.

My (rarely reliable) tech intuition says that there is some kind of configuration setting between my computer and my gateway..maybe a DNS thing that should be set in the router but isn't...? it feels like my computer asks for something and there is a really really long wait while everything hangs waiting for an answer of some kind...does this sound familiar?

I have done a traceroute, but honestly I am beyond my skills trying to interpret it. Any ideas will really help because my computer is kind of unusable. Before ATT DSL, I has Comcast cable with none of these issues.