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Thread: adding wireless laptop to an existing network

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    adding wireless laptop to an existing network

    I have a belkin wireless G router with 4 ethernet ports.
    I have connected 2 PC's using ethernet to the router and had setup a network with file and print sharing. It works great.
    Now the porblem is that How do I add my wireless laptop?
    All computers using MS XP.
    Apparently I have to go to control panel and start a wireless network and I have named the workgroup same as for LAN and was hoping my wreless computer will become part of the work group. But it isnt.

    could someone, please, take me step by step, how to set up a network that has wired as well as wireless components. Again I am using a single router from Belkin that has wireless and ethernet in one.
    Any help will be appreciated and I am sorry for redundancy.
    You can email me directly at bobby_tmq@yahoo.

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    Have you gone into Add/Remove windows componants and added the peer-to-peer protocals?

    Press windows key + pause and go to computer name, you can add the computer to the workgroup through's not hard at all

    Don't let the fact that the laptop is wireless throw you off, it's no different than the pc's that are wired.
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    In order to have wireless network, you need to configure wireless router with with wireless setting: SSID, encryption, encryption, etc. Also you need to configure wireless adapter to match the router's wireless setting.

    Hope helps..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krunk_Kracker View Post

    Don't let the fact that the laptop is wireless throw you off, it's no different than the pc's that are wired.
    Exactly...if your wireless PC can get to the have your wireless settings don't need to fiddle any more with SSID or encryption..whatever you did worked.

    Next..just make sure that your firewall rules for the wireless PCs have exceptions for file 'n print sharing on the local network. Double check those rules on the wireless adapter.
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    Thank you everyone

    for all the help you have provided. I have followed all the instructions that have been posted but still I am unable to access the printer or shared files on my harwired main computer through my laptop. I have no problems with the internet though. Some this is still wrong. But I wanted to thank everyone of you for your prompt responses and help with this. thanks

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    Let's make a checklist .....

    You've installed the peer-to-peer protocols on all the machines in the network that you want to share files on.

    You've made sure that all the computers have been added to the workgroup and they all have the EXACT same workgroup name?

    Are you positive that you are connected to YOUR network and not your neighbors? Is it your SSID and your password?

    Have you properly shared folders that you want to access?
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    I first started a "create network" on my hardwired computer, followed the wizard which made me create a file that I copied on my USB drive and went to install on my 2nd computer double clicked and followed instructions and done. These computer are shared perfect.

    Then I tried to run the same usb file on my laptop while the wireless was on. But it wouldn't work b/c it said the ehternet is not connected. So I figured it needs a wireless setup. Went to my main computer to strat a wireless network" wizard, followed instructions same thing with a new file on usb drive I took to laptop and installed it. At the end it said that I should take the usb drive back to the main computer which I did to finish the wizard.
    The SSID and computer work group are same, WPA security setup in place.
    Added the peer-to-peer protocols on all machines. I am positive that I am on my own network because of the name I have assigned to it.

    I am able to access internet from all machines but am unable to get onto the local network with my laptop. I know something I did was wrong.
    Do I have to setup network twice once LAN and once for wireless?

    I want you to know that I really appreciate your help and patience with my dumb self.

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