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Thread: Gigabit Switch

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    Gigabit Switch

    Just converting my network to gigabit network all around, so i was just wondering what some of you would recommend for a:

    1. Gigabit 8port switch configurable, a good one with good through put...around $150 dollars. Found this one TEG-224WSplus for $111 at tiger direct. i know it an over kill for the home but price is so good.

    2. Gigabit wireless N router. still researching on it, so please if anyone know any good gigabit wireless N routers please let me know. Found this one DIR-655 for $119 at tiger direct.
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    anyone knows any good gigabit router and switch???

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    Plenty of good switches around....
    here's a review of some of the smaller ones that may fit your budget.
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    The Dell 2700 series switches are Gig switches, and manageable. While basically only layer 2 management, they do support VLANs and port tagging. Pretty good little switches for the money- I use them a lot.

    Just curious what the point of a Gig router would be?? A 100BaseT link is more bandwidth than you have from your ISP, and if you are also putting in a Gig switch, there would be no advantage. You're only going to see Gigabit performance on the LAN, not through the gateway.
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    yes I would like to get close to Gigabit performance on the LAN.

    thanks for the reply, i would do some more research into it and post up more questions, i am sure i will have some more

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