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Thread: Increasing my security in an apartment building hotspot

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    Increasing my security in an apartment building hotspot

    I will be moving into a new apartment complex that offers free broadband wireless through a 3rd party company. I was wondering how to integrate my existing linksys wired router with an access point(which I have yet to buy). I just don't want to slap up an AP and hook everything to a switch, I want my PCs to be behind a hardware firewall. I'm just unsure how to make them talk. Does the AP plug into the wan or uplink port on the router and how should the router be configured? My thoughts are that if it is plugged into the wan port it will be filtered through the firewall, but in the uplink port it will be just like a normal switch bypassing the firewall. Right/Wrong?

    What Im trying to acheive:
    Internet-->Apartment Hotspot-->My AP-->My RTR-->My 2 PCs via cat5

    Now here is a scenario that might happen. Say I have good signal at my entry door but little to no signal in the back bedroom where I want my computers. Could I get another AP put it near my entry door and have it bridge or repeat to the other AP in the back bedroom that is connected to my router? Are AP's capable of taking a signal from another brand of AP but repeat or bridge it to another AP of the same brand? Example:

    Internet->Apt. Hotspot (belkin)->My AP (linksys)->bridge/repeat->My AP (linksys)->My RTR->My PCs

    Or would I just be better off mounting 1 AP near the door and run cat5 back to the bedroom and hook into the router? And 1 more question, if I were to get a wireless router, put into AP mode to pick up the signal from the apartment and hooked my PCs into the ethernet ports, would they still be behind the routers firewall?


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    your going to want a bridge not an access point,
    a bridge will provide a wireless to wired connection, and access point only provides wireless from a wires connection.

    as far as them all talking, you can change the workgroup name on the pc to something other than mshome or workgroup. and possibly change the subnet ip,

    so i think you want a bridge to grab the intial wireless internet, feed it into your wireless router. the router will distribute ip (depending, you might get double nat if the building is using a router instead of an AP) and keep you seperate fromt he rest of the building plus provide you with another wireless source that will be stronger than the buildings, and if signle is week, grab a repeater, they all work with each other (except speed boosters and those kind of linksys and belkin stuff)

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    Ok, so I want to get a wireless bridge, say a linksys WET54G and plug that into my BEFSR41 router. Now can I plug that into the WAN port? Will the router be able to see that as an internet source and redistribute it? My whole point is to be behind the firewall for extra security and file sharing b/t the 2 PCs.

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    Home grade wireless routers require an ethernet port on the WAN side. The wireless bridge will give you that. Configure the wireless bridge...and depending on the requirements for your internet source....on your routers WAN interface...either "obtain auto", or entering a manual IP/subnet/remote gateway/DNS should do it.
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    What about an access point in client or bridge mode? Game adapters? Will they do the same job as a standalone bridge?

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