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Thread: Wireless computer can't see others in workgroup

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    Wireless computer can't see others in workgroup

    First off, I'm new here, but I'm not a forum n00b. I won't cause too much trouble but I have an issue that is really driving me crazy.

    I have a Linksys WRT54GS router connected to comcast cable. I have a self-built computer running XP SP2 and my wifes HP DV1420us laptop also running XP SP2.

    My computer is connected to the wired side of the router, and the laptop is connected with WPA on the wireless side.

    I have been trying forever to get her computer to see my computer, and it finally became too much when I hooked up my NSLU2 NAS Maxtor 300gb external HD and it won't connect to it.

    Both computers are on DHCP and have the same Subnet mask (and as far as I can tell share everything else). They are both on the 'workgroup' workgroup. When I type in the IP of the NSLU2, I can view the html connection to the drive, but cannot map the drive to read/write to it.

    I installed the NSLU2 and had no problems configuring it to work on my PC, but the laptop won't connect to it. The NSLU2 lists my Maxtor as being UPnP, and both my computer and the laptop can see the Maxtor listed as a LAN device (with the UPnP icon). On my computer, I was able to connect to it, and can easily do so by typing \\Maxtor300Gb. When I try that on the laptop, the laptop cannot connect.

    I suspected that maybe the firewall on her computer was preventing me from connecting, but turning it off didn't help any.

    First off, have I supplied enough information, and secondly why is the laptop being such a PITA?

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    I got it. It thought it was P2P networking, and I had to physically plug it in to make the wizard straighten it out.


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