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Thread: 2 cable modems=double your speed for free?

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    2 cable modems=double your speed for free?

    I heard some talk on another forum about running a Dual WAN with a router. That way you could use 2 cable modems and double your speed for free. Is this true? Is it illegal? Sounds like it might be.

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    Yes there are quite a few dual WAN port routers out there, some with even 3 or 4 or even 5 WAN ports....I've setup a few of them.

    Each port will require a modem/bridge...and another account from your ISP..or another ISP. Yes you can mix ISPs...say..have 1x cable and 1x DSL.

    They will load balance or auto-failover..for redundancy.

    You don't really "double your speed"..but you can..nearly...double the load that your network can put in/out..compared to a single connection. In other words...say you connect 2x 6 meg DSL pipes...and you run an online speed test. You will not see 12'll still only see 6 megs. Because...each connection is usually session will bind to only 1 of the WAN ports. As the router detects that WAN port is getting will start putting traffic on the second pipe.

    A single PC really doesn't benefit much from this's not that capable of filling up a single pipe with traffic. A large network of many PCs makes better use of multi-WAN port routers.

    And...each WAN port you use..requiring a modem/bridge...each additional one requires anothef account from your ISP.
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