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Thread: Increasing subnet

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    Increasing subnet

    Hello everyone.

    I wanted to know if anyone here has ever had to increase their subnet mask. I need to increase ours but wasn't sure how difficult it is. Everything I have read states it isn't too hard, but I'm just looking for some real world experiences. I want to go from to Thanks!

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    Well, how many devices with static IPs do you have? How hard would it be to do a mass reboot of all systems? In theory all that is needed is manually configure all static devices, then put the new subnet into your DHCP server, and force everything to get a new dynamic IP.

    Why not go with multiple subnets and routing between them? This way you cut down on broadcast traffic and it makes for a cleaner network. Also helps to isolate any problems to a particular subnet, rather than one subnet being the whole network.

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