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Thread: Please help solve my nightmares!!

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    Angry Please help solve my nightmares!!


    I moved into a new house as a share with another guy which has a Orange 8Mb broadband package (ADSL) going through a BT line (Filtered) using WIFI from what i know/have seen.

    I have so many problems in comparison to my old connection with Virgin Media from my last house which was a great package.

    I constantly get error pages & 56k speeds when generaly surfing the web, download speeds are all over the place ranging from below 100kbps upto 6ookbps and my upload never goes above 40kbps which should be i assume around 400kbps. On top of that there are regular disconnections & then i get automatically connected to someones un-secured broadband in this area. I have disabled all my firewalls including the routers, tried setting up DMZ & still no hope, did virus & spyware scans & my signal is strong.

    Now i have just bought Call Of Duty 4 and get very high pings, huge lag and the game freezes al the time with connection issues and this happened with Call Of Duty 2 aswell. I dont have alot of time to spare and when i do i enjoy a game but with these problems im getting seriously p****d off as my time is cut in half!!

    I have used your registry optimizer using optimized settings and it has not really done alot, please are you able to help me!!?

    Sorry for the long post, appreciate any help!!

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    First you need to apply the tips in the Wireless section of our forum:

    Then you may also need to tweak your registry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trogers View Post
    First you need to apply the tips in the Wireless section of our forum:

    Then you may also need to tweak your registry.
    Ok i changed the router channel from 1 to 11 and browsing is miles faster aswell as my speed results test. Will try the game now and post results.

    Thanks for your help.

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