Hi all

When I measure throughput values with Windows FTP and with my own FTP client application I get a difference up to 6%!

Doing the tests within a UMTS network I reached an average of 360.6 KBits/s with the Windows FTP client and with my own client a rate of 339.3.

In overall, the Windows FTP client has pretty much stable values whereas with my own app. the values differ from 316(low) 'till 352(high). This is quite odd.

My applciation is written in Delphi w32 and I am using the TIdFTP Indy v10 component. For the measurement I really just coded the absolute minimum.

However, I examed the used buffer sizes, several TCP/IP settings in the Registry and captured/analyted the traffic with Ethereal. Still, I have no clue what exactly is happending when we upload a file with the Windows FTP tool?

I am questioning myself if the Windows FTP client is using some on-the-fly-changed FTP settings and not the ones used in general by the Windows TCP/IP Stack implementation. What about the sliding Window behavior? Can the program ignore the setting from the Registry?

I am quite confused searching what may be different between the two FTP client implementation. Since I do not have the source code from the Windows version it is pretty much hard though.

Any ideas what may have an impact? Thanks!