Hi all,
I have a problem with my computer (Win XP Pro 2Gb RAM) in my workplace LAN. I have a Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller on my PC.

When I download from others computer in my LAN, all works very fast, but when I try to upload something, the card starts uploading SLOOOOOOOOW (0,26% of his capabilities).

Other computers are Macintosh, file server included (OS X 10.4). All cables are class 6 and the connection is perfect. Switches are 1000Mb, hard disk are fast.
I tried this:
- replaced local lan cable
- direct connection with switch by using a long cable
- connection to a hub 100Mb (my PC and the fileserver)
- changed card drivers
- applied all TCP registry fixes I found around
- checked all options on fileserver (that has no problems with other Macs and PCs)
- changed user
- changed IP
- disabled all firewalls (on PC and Mac)
- un-installed and reinstalled peripheral from device manager
- recreated all connections
- recreated user on server
- ran in Safe Mode
- removed delay with ACK in Samba (on OS X)
- connected to a shared folder on another mac (slow upload, fast download as usual)

No joy. Download is very fast, upload is TERRIBLY SLOW (ie 10Mbytes in 10 mins).
I didn't find the real cause, but I suspect it's a problem with the TCP protocol on my machine.
Any suggestions? Anything I can try?

Thank you.