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Thread: Need your Recommendations Guys!

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    Need your Recommendations Guys!

    I am running an XP SP2 Pro OS!

    I am using AVG Anti Virus Free Version.

    I got the zone-alarm suite with all the package (fire wall, antispyware...)

    but my system couldnt handle it as it became very slow.

    i am currently running on 512 MB RAMS. I will need to upgrade to 1 GB (Maximum

    Upgrade for my laptop)

    I un-installed the zone-alarm and kept my system running on AVG Free.

    Can you advise me what best free anti virus software is available?

    is AVG OK ?

    i also need your opnion on what kind of spyware detector anti spyware to


    What about fire wall? i am running my windows fire wall?

    Basically my security system relies on AVG Free Antivirus and Windows Fire


    Is that enough?

    what can i improve?



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    AntiVir antivirus and Comodo firewall, both free and MUCH better than what you are using. 512mb or RAM should be enough, a gb is better, but it should not slow down that much with any program running. How many processes do you have running? You should be able to tweak XP to have right around 30.

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    well i have 53 processes.....guess that's a bit much right?

    so you recommend that i un-install the AVG anti-virus and install the anti-vir

    and as a fire wall, i disable the windows firewall and run the comodo ?

    what about anti-spyware applications? what are your recommendations?

    something free, efficient and doesnt consume my system's memory

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    spybot(turn on immunize)
    super antispyware

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    Are you behind a router? If so...not necessarily a need for a 3rd party software firewall, you're already protected from the outside by the NAT of the router.

    Laptop....what speed is your hard drive? Many entry level models come with glacially slow 4200rpm drives, mid-range models with 5400rpm drives, (both usually with just 2 megs cache) and the higher end models come with much faster 7200rpm drives. If you have a 4200 or 5400....for not much money you can purchase a 7200rpm drive with 8 or 16 megs of cache....clone it over and enjoy some good performance increases. Approx 120 bucks for a 100 gig 7200rpm drive.
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    I am using Kaspersky for almost a year now. So far my PC has been free of virus or malware. Before that I'm an AVG user for 2 years but I switched to Kaspersky because a virus or malware kept on showing (its a folder that I delete and goes back again) so I decided to try other anti virus and Kaspersky did its job.

    I don't use any anti spybots or anything.

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