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Thread: nifty open source web framework for u to try

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    nifty open source web framework for u to try

    disclosure, i work for this company but i'm not trying to "pitch it" -- just think it's neat tech and some ppl here might find use of it -- it's an open source framework. for corporate for the dev community/download.

    client's a javascript based w/ java, php, or ruby servers.. can do a lot of neat interactive/ajax stuff w/ it w/ out lifting a javascript finger, if you so choose. btw, it's a work in progress but it's in pretty good shape and cross-browser (having said that you still have to put in effort to make it look good on all browsers -- e.g. css in IE is still a pain in the ass altho the default styles for things look good in all browsers..

    edit: this helps build webapps top to bottom, not just flashy effects on the front end.

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