i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i wanna play starcraft. but theres this problem and i can't play games with more than 1 other person. I've done some searching on other forums and got this:

"I used to have exactly the same problems. Game lagged when more than 2 players (including me) on a game. Tried everything (firewalls off,reboot,reinstall,registry clear). The above post hinted me that I should look into the NAT configuration more thoroughly. Indeed that was it.

The target is to send all starcraft related packets to the starcraft PC.
It seems that default NAT translated correctly only traffic that started from INSIDE my network. I set a rule to translate inbound traffic too so that incoming packets will be sent to the PC where starcraft was installed (aka port forwarding). To my big frustration that wouldn't work either. I finally noticed that the new rule I had created had an ID=10 , and the default rule which had ID=1 was executed first , preempting my packets. Once the default rule was deleted everything worked fine."

okay, can anyone decipher this? its like rocket science to me ;___; Thanks! (: