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Thread: Dropping my Internet on my router

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    John Friedrich

    Dropping my Internet on my router

    I have a NETGEAR WGR614 v7 that connects 2 desktops and my laptop thru wireless or my docking station. A few weeks ago over the weekend I started to have issues with my router as it would all of a sudden drop my internet connection for all my computers. I can take my cable from my cable modem and plug it into my home computer and works great (using it now) but cant take that cable and put it into my laptop. I did get it to work once after when i upgraded everything on my NETGEAR and it seemed to work for a while and then this week I got an new cable modem from comcast (VOIP) and everything was again still working until today and now I cant seem to keep my router internet signal to stay up. I am at a lose as I didnt change anything. I want to ask before I go and buy a new router if anyone has any idea's.


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    Have you tried unplugging router and modem, letting it sit there, and then plugging everything back in?

    Perhaps a hard reset on the router and resetting everything up from scratch?
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