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Thread: problem with sharing files

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    problem with sharing files

    ok i have a linkys router i have 2 comps both with windows xp pro on them and a wireless laptop with home edition on it i can connect the laptop to the internet but theres a printer setup on the desktop with the hard line the 2 hardlined desktops have a network setup for sharing files an printing an everything but when i try to load the setting on my laptop it wont work because its wireless i know its possible to connect the laptop to that same network because my bro did it once so how do i do it

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    To share folder/files:

    1. Right click the folder you wish to share
    2. Click "Properties"
    3. Click the "Sharing" Tab
    4. Tick "Share this folder on the network"
    5. Tick "Allow network uses to change my files"
    6. Click "OK" to accept the changes.

    Now refresh your computer on the network, and try that

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    srry i aint a noob at computers the problem is my laptop doesnt c the 2 comps hardlined into the router

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    Is your "workgroup" name the same on all three machines?

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    1) You should be able to ping that 2 computers first from labtop. If not, check the network setting on the wireless card.
    2) Open a file explorer window on labtop, then type \\computer-IP to try access remote computer directly. Example: \\

    Hope helps...

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