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Thread: Crazy Problem??

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    Crazy Problem??

    Hi I'm connected via Wild Blue satellite with airlink router. Total of three computers. I have no connection problems with any anything other than my own website. I have to constantly refresh pages on my site to get them to load. I have no issues with any other browsing on the web. All three computers have the same issue. The worst of it is when I try to log into my admin areas of blog and links scripts.
    When I login on with another computer outside my network I have no problems. I've even had friends login on there computers with no problems. The part I don't understand is its just my website and nothing else.
    I hope someone can help me with this and thanks in advance.

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    Does your computer have plug-ins installed that your website/blog needs to be able to load?

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    Hi Pettos, I have just recently started adding scripts to my site. I have no idea about the plug-ins you speak of. My website is hosted with godaddy and the blog is wordpress which was just a mouse click to install. The other script I installed and set up a db. This is actually when the problem started but I deleted the folder in which all the files were installed and the problem still here.
    Thanks for your relpy.

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