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Thread: Network Config: Firewall, Multiple Static IPs, Cable

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    Network Config: Firewall, Multiple Static IPs, Cable

    I have Comcast business coming in to my small office. I've requested/been assigned 5 static ip addresses. My desired configuration is: cable modem -> firewall -> servers and desktops. For now, two of the servers will be made visible to the outside world w/static ip addresses. One of those servers also handles internal DHCP/DNS tasks.

    Currently I'm setup for basic network connection. Switch behind cable modem. I also have an unopened Negear FVS318v3 ProSafe VPN Firewall. In general, the firewalls I've seen have been simplistic. They work on one IP address. Not sure what I need to do/use to get my desired setup to work. Suggestions appreciated.


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    Comcast usually (in my area) ships SMC gateways with their business accounts. These units are already routers...they do NAT, DHCP, and support IP mapping for your extra IP addresses from your block.

    If you wish to use your own can flip them to bridged mode...and map your first public IP to the WAN interface of your own router.
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    I've typically seen multiple IP's being mapped to the WAN port of the router, and then one-to-one NATting used to map the external IP's directly to the resources required (i.e. email server, web-server, ftp, etc.)

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