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Thread: Wierd Problem

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    Wierd Problem

    Compaq Presario V3000
    Intel Celeron M
    512MB RAM
    Shared Video
    High Definition Audio Device
    Windows Vista

    Problem: Earphone Jack
    Status: When I connect the earphone to the jack in the laptop the laptop's built-in speakers keep on playing. So now sounds are coming from the earphone and the laptop speakers. Before, if I connect an earphone the laptop's speakers is off . The problem started when I upgraded my Windows XP to Vista Basic.

    Measures Done:
    I taped the laptop speaker's so I won't hear the sounds coming from it. Then I started listening in my earphones

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    My first thought is that it isn't the software. Usually the earphone jack has a shunt mechanism that disables sound to the speakers when plugged in. Make sure the earphone jack is inserted properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedForHelp View Post
    The problem started when I upgraded my Windows XP to Vista Basic.
    This means nothing... just so happens everything happens during something else going on ignore this.

    Your laptop has a "short" in the jack... needs to be replaced.

    I've seen this exact same thing with a students laptop and a similar model that you have a few weeks ago.

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    Thanks a lot guys! Cased solved.
    I replaced my earphone with a new one and;
    I have tried reinstalling my sound driver.
    My laptop is getting sticky from the tape's adhesive stuck in the speakers.

    It was a coincidence after all.

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