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Thread: Replacing the modem provided by my ISP

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    Replacing the modem provided by my ISP

    The modem (ZyXel P-660R-D1) provided by my ISP, has only one RJ-45 jack, I want to replace it with a Prolink Hurricane 9000P (this one has 4 RJ-45 jacks) so that I can share my internet connection with my other computers.
    But when I connect the phone line in the Prolink modem then the modem to one of my computers it doesn't work. Maybe the are somethings I should set up first in my Prolink Modem but I don't know what. I tried the web configurator of the Prolink Modem and I'm kind of familiar with the menus, I just don't know what to put in the blanks. Then, I tried to open the web configurator of the Zyxel provided by my ISP but I can't open it, I tried lots of things but I fail. My plan was to copy the settings in that modem and try it in my Prolink.

    I don't even know what to ask. Just put any comments and suggestions
    Thanks for reading

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    You might have a DSL account which authenticates using which case you'll have a username and a password to fill in.
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    By the way... I called my ISP last night they keep on changing the topic when I asked them if they use PPPoE, I also asked them about how to open the web configurator so that I can find out my user name and password, they say they don't have my user name and password. And at the end they told me to just use both their zyxel and my prolink.

    I connected their zyxel in my prolink using a straight-through cable and also my laptops and it works at the expense of my wall sockets (for the power supply of the two modems)

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