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Thread: Keeps on saying Acquiring Network Address

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    Exclamation Keeps on saying Acquiring Network Address

    I can't connect my laptop to the internet.
    It keeps on saying "Acquiring Network Address, but when I connect my friends laptop to my modem, it gets connected.

    I tried the following
    I manually typed the IP address, subnet mask, Gateway, DNS servers in the TCP/IP properties using the values I found in my friends laptop. Then I tried hooking my laptop to the modem and it works but the connection is not stable. I tried restarting and it returns to it "Acquiring Network Thingy State". I tried right-clicking the system tray icon of LAN Connection and click repair and it cannot "Register DNS".

    Please help me, I don't even know what this problem is.

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    What type of modem? Make/model.
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    out of the blue question here but do you have other software manging your wireless connection or are you letting windows do it?

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    I'm not using wireless connection
    I just hook up the laptop to the zyxel using utp cable

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    I solved this case weeeeeeee
    The error seems to have a connection with the "RPC Unavailable" thingy
    I don't know what that is so I reinstalled my OS and it works.
    Try reinstalling your operating system.

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