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Thread: Networking Certifications Pursuit

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    Networking Certifications Pursuit

    I am wondering what networking certifications would be the best to pursue when it comes down to getting into the IT field and getting a job in something networking related. Assuming for example a person does not have a degree, but instead gets a variety of networking certifications, how possible (unfortunately, I am thinking it's basically impossible) is it to even get a job with just certs? Anyhow, I was just hoping to get a response from someone experienced with certs as to what is the best to pursue and whether certs even mean anything to employers without a degree as well. Thanks much.

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    Hands on can be a good avenue...gain an entry level job your way up, have them pay for your certs 'n classes....go on up from there.
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    I agree, actual experience is more valuable than certifications. I kind of did the same thing, but a bit in reverse. I had a degree in computer science and a few certifications under my belt. Looking for a real job everyone was looking for experience, so I took I job I was overqualified for and moved up. I am also letting them pay me to get more certifications, and get more experience.

    I am working for a consulting company so I speak with a lot of different people and always on "interviews" to fill a position. One position was to cover for basically the head of IT while he was on vacation. First a colleague of mine went for an interview, and he is a smart guy with a ton of certifications. They didn't want him, stating to many certifications but no real experience. I then was asked to call them up, and I only have a few certifications. I talked and BSed with the guy for a bit, and ended doing the coverage.

    Keep in mind that many people out there will go and get certifications by learning the test. If you put them in front of some actual equipment and ask them to set it up, or solve a problem they are lost. You can't fake experience.

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    I don't have a degree and I keep telling myself I'm going to finish school or at least get a few more certs (Iv'e got a few already) but in the meantime I've logged a combined 8 years of on-the-job experience. The experience that I've gained has allowed me to build up a nice network of contacts who like my work. So nice, in fact, that a year ago I started up an IT consulting company to better equip myself to handle all the new clients that are referred to me by existing clients.

    Hands-on experience, good people-skills, and a good word-of-mouth reputation have been the building blocks for my success. I don't even think my customers know that I have multiple certifications and I don't remember the last time I've been asked about my college credentials.

    I don't apply for jobs these days, but instead decide whether or not to take on the client.
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    I am a Network Admin and I don't have a degree. I've got my MCP cert but that's it. All you need is lots of experience. Just start out low and work your way up. I plan on getting more certs, and I'm almost done with my AA degree but I doubt that I'll actually finish it.
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    The certafactions are suppose to count for expirence if your network + I think that is atleast 6 months expirence equviliant

    I"m network + A+ working on two associate degress in networking the degree is more of the way to go if you can get both do it. At my college I bypassed 10 credits with the a+ would've bypassed more with a CCNA or MCSA.

    If you are newere to networking/computers comptia is a better base it gives you a good grasp on many types of technologies.

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    Comptia a+ n+

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