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Thread: 3com switch?

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    Question 3com switch?

    I have a 3com Baseline 24 port 2024 switch that I have ignored for the past 3 years, today my network disappeared, on looking at the switch all of the Duplex leds show red, should this be the case? I've powered off and unplugged all connections, but as I reconnect the led's return as before. network appears to running Ok again, but i'm worried this might be the beggining of the end and want to be prepared if it is. Any help appreciated.

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    Hubs/switches locking up..all red lights.....if it happens once..could be a fluke, power issue, surge, something like that. If it starts happening a couple of times...something is failing on the unit.

    Those older 3COM units had chassis fans on the side..I've seen more than a couple fail..causing the units to overheat. If it's not that..the unit itself is probably on its way out.
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