Dear All,

I have a WRTSL54GS Wireless Router, basically acting in as "Access Point" mode. I am using the cable Internet Service and hence my Service Provider is also running a router at their end, resultantly I have to connect the cable running to my home in the LAN port (Not the WAN port) of the router. The "Gateway" option in the Advanced Settings Tab is changed to "Router" as advised by an article on the Linksys Technical Support Website.

It was working fine until now and giving me reasonable download speed as provided by my ISP. However recently it has started to operate very slowly. I have took the screen shots by placing a Download Meter, Windows Task Manager Network Monitor and running a download in Mozilla Firefox. I have compared the Wireless speeds and statistics versus the Wired ones. There is obvious degradation in the speeds provided and support on the wireless interface, where as the download speed and bandwidth consistency is great on the wired interface.

WireLess Screen shot:


Wired screen shot:

By downloading the same file over the wireless interface the speed is clearly "Fluctuating" up and down rapidly and thus a very low download rate is achieved. A pattern is visible in which the download bandwidth is quickly coming up and going down.

However in the wired mode the speed is fairly high and consistent as shown in the graphs in the attached screen shots. Earlier the wirelesss speed graph used be like the wired one with a soild pattern of consistent bandwidth bars instead of the stripes quite visible in the download meter window (right upper most semi-transparent window in both screen shots).

I was wondering what reason could have happened causing this speed degradation on wireless. I have not changed any settings. My system specifications are as follows for reference ;

-> HP Pavillion DV 1000 Laptop, running Windows XP SP2 having all the latest patches.

-> Intel PRO Wireless 2200 BG Wi-fi card running the latest drivers version Transmit Power and Turbo mode in the wireless card settings is already activated set to the highest.

-> WRTSL54GS Wireless router running latest Thibor Third Party Firmware. The transmit power of the router is already increased by 75% of the default value. Router in Static IP Mode.

-> All other tweaks as mentioned on various wireless forums are already applied . MTU is "1400". RTS and Fragmentation Thershold is "2307" while Beacon Interval is set to "50".

-> Have used the utlitiy to automatically optimize the RWin/MTU value in the windows registry settings for maximum throughput . However have tried reverting these settings to windows default values and have got no success.

-> There is no considerable interference and obstruction between the wireless router and my laptop since they are at a mere distance of 2~3 feet in the same room. I dont have any 2.4Ghz cordless phone or other devices causing the interference. I have a cordless phone but thats an old one and operates on 900Mhz frequency ranges. No bluetooth device connected, which could have caused any negligible interference.

Would appreciate if anyone can share their expert views to remedy my situation.

Thanks and Regards,