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Thread: How do you use a makefile?

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    How do you use a makefile?

    How do you use a makefile?
    I used it once years ago but I have forgotten.
    I think you use it with the Visual Studio Command Prompt.
    If I have a makefile, what is the command line entry to build from the makefile?

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    on linux the command is:
    shell:~# make
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    This is on a windows XP system.

    I got the build on the command line working but now it says it cannot find some header files. I think this has something to do with the "path" that you see when you type "path" on the command line.

    How do you change the path on the command line? Isn't this what we need to do if the compiler cannot find a header file?

    I think it is

    path= 'PATH'+"C:\somedirectory;"

    or something like that.


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