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Thread: Port Forward Issue

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    Question Port Forward Issue

    hello there everyone..

    I have a small office network 12 PCs, speedtouch 546 ADSL router. in this router there is a feature in port forward called (Extended Security).

    my question is: did this mean that i can forward all traffic going to other PCs to my box. so I can control and block what I want.

    and if so how can i do that on both the router and the box.?

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    It actually refers to incoming port forwarding. Lets say you have a FTP server running on your LAN IP address and you want to forward port 21 from your router on your LAN IP then you can do so using port forward function.

    <internet> ----> < your router port 21 > -----> < LAN IP>

    This way, your router is acting as a forwarding device.

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