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Thread: need some quick help with moving all itunes music onto new hard drive

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    need some quick help with moving all itunes music onto new hard drive

    Hey everybody! I havent been on here in a long time but i'm still in the top 20 i think, lol. How's everybody been?

    So here's the situaiton. I have searched everywhere on the internet and i cant find anything. My girlfriend has her laptop with some 3 bazillion songs, (not) organized into like 5 or 6 different folders on 2 separate partitions. her "main" library is on the C drive in its default location (c:\DaS\user\my music\itunes) with purchased music and ripped music, and has downloaded music and other crap in other folders all over her computer. i would consolodate all the music but there is only 1.3 gigs free on the C drive so that's out of the picture as far as i know.

    so i bought her a new 120 gig hard drive. Im gonna pull her old hard drive out, stick the new one in there, do a full OS restore with her recovery disk, do updates, etc.

    i'm gonna hook up the old hard drive via USB. how do i go about moving all her old music and videos over to the new hard drive? is it going to be as simple as copy and paste or will i have problems with music licensing or any of that crap?

    I'm gonna have itunes organize the music once i get it onto the new hard drive, but i guess i'm just worried about having problems with itunes refusing to add files.

    also, anybody know how to transfer ipod games?
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    Long time no see Yeah, you can just copy and paste, although you may have to authorize your computer again (don't know if just replacing the hard drive makes itunes recognize your computer as a different one or not)...I've moved itunes music from one computer to another doing just that...copy & paste.
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    I have tunes spread out thru many directories and the easiest way to get at them all is search
    do a search for mp3's or whatever format you like and copy all you want from the search results to new drive.

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

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    Pretty simply process just like they suggested. I have done it my fair share of times also. Not sure I can add much more since they already answered your question, but if you have any problems let us know.

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