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    I have been reading opinions at various sites about wireless versus wired routers, and must admit that I am getting more confused by the different perspectives.

    I plan to install 60 feet of CAT 5e twisted cable between my laptop and my new PC that is now connected to the internet with a Motorola SB5101 cable modem. I also want to access my WD 500mg EXTERNAL hard drive using the USB 2.0 port on the Thermaltake Case, connected to a LinkSys Network Storage Link to back up both the PC and the laptop.

    I have used wired routers before (8 years ago) for my home network (Linksys BEFSR41), which is not very sophisticated in today's high tech environment, but it worked fine back then. They are still available, but will they do the job for my current network?

    The real question is "should I use a wired router, or buy a more updated N wireless router to use with the hardware on my network described above?"

    If you have the time to respond with an answer, and pick either a wired or wireless router, can you make any suggestions for a brand or model? It would be great to hear some rationale as to why a given router might be best in my situation.

    Many thanks for the help, Thom

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    Pretty much all the routers out there now perform fine with cable. Many "older" routers have become a bottleneck for those with faster cable connections..especially ones on Comcast who have the "PowerBoost" features which can squirt up to 30 megs download rates. Older routers with slower CPUs and less RAM could barely muster up about 5-7 megs of download speeds. But newer current generation models are much faster.

    Wired or Wireless..that's your decision...if you want the mobility of wireless or not. Do you deal with lots of large files transfers?
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    Yes, I do, but only when needed for software updates. Maybe firmware or driver downloads could change that for more sophisticated routers.

    Why is the question about a wired versus a wireless router so tough to answer. Aren't there obvious features of a wireless that make them better than a wired router?

    I have read comments about wireless routers that users have to turn off the wireless section to improve security, which is easy to do with an access point. Also, monitoring traffic on the WAN side of the router to see what users are doing and what attacks are being dropped is a good feature of some more advanced routers.

    Wired routers don't have any problems with wifi security, and in most cases, are faster for signals. If I don't expect to move the laptop, and will leave it connected to the CAT5 wire, why would wireless be needed for anything?

    If I am correct, do you or anyone know a good wired router?


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