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Thread: Multiple Monitors w/ 1 Video Card

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    Multiple Monitors w/ 1 Video Card

    Hey everyone,

    I tried searching for the answer to this but it's really hard to word it for search engines so I don't find a lot of relevant searches.

    Well, here's my concern.

    I want to eventually buy a 24'' monitor, but I would like to use my 19 inch as well (more real estate the better, right?). I checked my video card (6600 GT) I found that the max resolution is 2048 x 1536.

    My video card has two ports (DVI and forgot the format of the other one), so I was wondering if the max resolution pertains only to each port, or is the max resolution for the whole display.

    I found this on the internet so it made me think that maybe each port can support the max resolution

    I actually use two monitors. The primary is 1920X1200 and the secondary is 1280X1024.

    My video card is an ATI Radeon X700 with two outputs.

    Thanks a lot for the help (sorry about the wordiness).
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    you just have to plug them both in and then use the Nvidia control panel to set em to what you can.

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    I think if your video card has two ports ,then both of your monitors can disply the images with the max resolution ,and here I got to know a link on "How to Connect Two Monitors to One Computer" with some step-by-step instructions :
    And if you want to get another monitor , you should pay attention to the slot of the monitor before you decide one . And here I got to know a coupon for monitor ,in fact I am thinking of changing my monitor also . This is the coupon for monitor I found ( LCD Monitors: Save up to $80 at ) :
    Including some good brands Envision,ViewSonic,HP.
    Hope this helps.

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    That depends on the NVidia driver. If Windows recognizes the two outputs as two separate display devices (in Device Manager) you'll see that the resolution for each monitor will be handled separately. Therefore, the max resolution will be per port. However, I have seen some NVidia cards are recognized in Device Manager as just one device and the max resolution displayed in the Display Properties in Windows is the combination of both displays. I personally prefer the ATI control panel because it is more flexible than NVidia for dual monitor setups.

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